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“Do not feel lonely, the entire universe is inside you.” – Rumi

Your spiritual journey is unique!

Choose the Kim Crosbie Retreat that intuitively resonates with you.


KC Online Program

Your Inner Self Quest

Kim Crosbie Online

Discover your negative core belief using personalised videos and workbook to help you navigate your mind. Download the program and start identifying your specific negative thoughts and emotions that create havoc in your mind.


KC Regression Therapy Session

Half day with my team - private

Regression Therapy Session

Experience a personal regression therapy session with Kim and her team. You begin with an EEG mind scan with an explanation of your results. Afterward, you have a yoga emotional release session and you finish with a two-hour regression therapy session.


Self-Awareness Training & Retreat

4 Fridays

Self-Awareness Training & Retreat

This four-day comprehensive and spiritual training caters to those who wish to delve deeper into the workings of their subconscious, gain more self-knowledge and experience an altered state of consciousness for personal growth using a microdose of psychedelics truffles.


KC Private Spiritual Retreat

4 days all-inclusive

Spiritual Retreat

This four-days private retreat caters to those who wish to experience a more intense one-on-one with me and my team. My team and I will nurture your personal journey inwards with a private comprehensive program for your specific needs.

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