Regression Therapy – Microdosing

Kim Crosbie

Growing into your authentic self

Life is a journey and we all go through different life struggles.

Some struggles may be difficult to resolve without help. You may turn to your general practitioner for advice to find out which type of support is available for your issue. Sometimes, you have gone through the general medical system for help but to no avail; you still suffer from your emotions, thoughts and physical problems. Searching is the first step in finding what therapy will work for you. You may now be ready for something different? 

Most of you are not aware that you hold all the answers to your questions. Within your subconscious is a treasure trove of information where you can learn the tools to change your life. You can understand how your thoughts and emotions influence your behaviors that affect your life. When you struggle, you have many thoughts and certain emotions which are swirling around in your mind and body. The repetition of those thoughts creates disease. Becoming familiar with your intricate thinking and emotional pattern allows you to make different choices that will lead you towards a happier authentic life.

Self-development is a life-long process. We are ever evolving beings. Who we were at 20 years old is not the same person we are at 40 years old. Learning how to know ourselves and understanding our behaviors is important in finding authentic happiness in all areas of your life. 

Your subconscious is a treasure trove of information.
You hold all the answers to your personal transformation.

– Kim crosbie

About Kim

My goal is to help you find your own empowerment and discover your true passions. I guide your inward journey, like a navigator, through your subconscious to explore your thoughts and feelings. Most of us are not aware that our thoughts are constructed in a pattern form. In a therapy session, I encourage you in a nurturing manner to go beyond your fears. I ask the hard questions that no one has asked you before. I do not judge your experiences because only you can walk in your own shoes.

My therapy

I have developed therapy skills that permit me to help you understand the greater picture or overview of how your thoughts have impacted your life. You will gain insights that will give you answers on how to transform your struggles in a practical way. Furthermore, science validates my unique approach of therapy.

Public speaker

My other passion is to express myself in public. I enjoy engaging with my audience in an interactive way. There are no real words in describing the inward journey other than immersing oneself. Sharing is what connects us. My goal when speaking is to convey my knowledge so that others may begin to understand their own personal limiting belief systems. While speaking and interacting with my audience, I create a journey of self-exploration. 

Our team

Lindy and I have a dynamic working relationship. We have distinctive tasks where I mainly concentrate on the therapy, workshops, and speaking engagements and Lindy focuses on the logistics surrounding of my practice. We are complementary to each other.

Becoming self-aware means focusing your awareness on yourself.

Someone who is self-aware takes their responsibilities. They know their personal deep thoughts and emotions. They have empathy towards themselves and others. They take time for self-reflection. They are tuned in to their inner selves. They are happier people!

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Unique approach

I have developed a unique approach of regression therapy that stands apart. During the session, you will be in a meditative state to silence your conscious mind to enter the subconscious mind. I will guide you in seeking your hidden negative core belief which has generated a multitude of specific negative thoughts and emotions created by past experiences.


Furthermore, I will guide you in finding practical ways in learning how to heal and transform yourself to attain your authentic self. In order for the therapy to be most successful, you will have to actively work on things you have discovered in your sessions at home. Each session lasts 2 to 3 hours and I take detailed notes during the session and a written report is sent to you, including how you can improve following the session.

Growing into your authentic self

Understanding in-depth who you are is 50% of your healing because then you have a better overview of which changes have to be made to become your authentic self. To give you an analogy, if you go on a road trip without a map, you will not know where you are heading and not know how to get there. The road map gives you clarity, proper direction and the fastest way towards your destination.

To fix the chaos in your life,
you must first fix the chaos within yourself.

– Kim crosbie


My third passion is integrating the use of psychedelic truffles within my method of therapy. Their usage is legal and can be by micro-dosing or having a psychedelic quantum leap session. They act as a key to access the wisdom of the Inner-Self. They allow profound information to enter the conscious mind so that the client may transform their life with greater ease and understanding. The information acquired comes in images, feelings, thoughts, symbolisms, memories and spiritual experiences. In a comfortable setting and under my supervision it is a very safe experience.

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Growing into your authentic self