Yoga Therapy and Breathwork

The word yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root yuj, meaning “to unite”. Our yoga and breathing therapies aim to create a union between the Body-Heart and Mind. We use movement, mindfulness, breathing exercises and relaxation to release emotional blockages within the body that contain intuitive information from your heart for your healing process.

Yoga Therapy Introduction Workshop
– 35 Euros/90 mins for 6 sessions

A yoga therapy workshop has a maximum of 6 people because we believe in personal attention. We emphasize on emotional release and the integration process by allowing space to share our experiences with a cup of tea and baked goods.

  • Includes 5-10 mins of theory, understanding how our body functions.
  • Breathing exercises and meditation.
  • Begin to feel and release trapped emotions.
  • Reduces physical pain in your body.
  • Feel more supple.
  • Feel physically stronger.
  • Connect with your Body.
  • Connect with your Heart.
  • Calm and rebalance the nervous system (great for burnout, depression, anxieties, etc.)
  • Feel lighter in your body.
  • Lose weight and gain muscle tone.

You do not have to be flexible to do yoga, you only need to be as you are.

All yoga equipment is provided. Please wear comfortable clothes, you bring your water bottle and towel.

Private Yoga Therapy Session
– 85 Euros/90mins.

You’ll experience an in-depth session catering to your personal needs to reach deep inner emotional blockage using breathwork, meditation and a variety of yoga techniques to connect with your body and heart.

  • Begin with an intake to discuss the physical issues you are struggling with.
  • Release emotional blockages.
  • Release trauma from the body.
  • Support with detoxing pharmaceutical medications.
  • Relaxing your nervous system from trauma, PTSD, etc.
  • Connecting with your Guide (Heart) and receiving information.
  • Helps reduce cravings from addiction.
  • Reconnection to the body after trauma (ex: sexual abuse)

Integration process where we share your experience with a cup of tea.

For questions please contact Helene Kerste +31640369235