– 4 session workshop

The journey of self-development is an ongoing process of constant learning. This workshop gives you the opportunity to know more about yourself. You will begin to identify your personal beliefs which shape your reality. You will learn to bring your attention within your being. It’s a hands-on learning experience using different activities, meditations (or mindfulness), visualizations and homework that will allow you to tap into your subconscious.

Understanding how you think about yourself is the first step to self-awareness. Becoming self-aware is a skill that permits you to better understand your personality which include your strengths, positive and negative thoughts and emotions, creativity and passions.

You will begin to have a clear perception of your personality and be able to make clearer choices that will impact your life. Studies have shown that self-awareness and mindfulness-based exercises significantly reduce ruminations and worry and the prevention of certain mental health problems.

This workshop runs 4 consecutive weeks. Please contact us for new dates after spring 2021. 

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