“Do not feel lonely, the entire universe is inside you.” – Rumi


The healing process of an individual is an intimate and personal journey. The client has all the wisdom within themselves to heal and transform their lives. By learning Self-awareness skills such as focus attention, empowers the client to feel that they know how to better understand themselves and their issues. Becoming responsible of their personal healing is key to their wellbeing.

Regression therapy

Regression therapy is a technique that uses hypnosis (meditative state) to recover a client’s unresolved issues within their subconscious. The conscious mind is silenced so that the subconscious mind may express itself clearly. It is possible to access a wide range of information such as past memories, symbolisms, soul communication, past lives, or bodily memories. The client is always aware during the process and can easily interact with the therapist. Furthermore, I’ve created a unique approach of questioning that permits me to unravel negative thinking. Also, emotional patterns that the client has created over the course of their lives will be discovered. This will be within their subconscious how to transform them.

Healing comes from taking responsibility:
to realize that it is you- and no one else- that creates your thoughts, your feelings, and your actions.

My approach

I have developed a unique method of therapy that comprehensively explores the psyche. I use regression therapy as my navigation tool to explore significant experiences present or past lives, memories, traumas that have impacted your thoughts and emotions. A meditative trance state is essential, a mindfulness feeling, since 95% of your beliefs are located in your subconscious and only 5% reach the conscious mind.

Even though you are in a trance state, you are fully aware of your process. The trance state quiets your mind and makes it possible to explore and unravel what is hidden from your conscious awareness. By listening attentively to your story, I intuitively ask profound questions that have never occurred to you up to now so that you may get to know yourself thoroughly.  

I search for the root cause (negative core belief) of your lack of well-being by concentrating on repetitive negative thoughts and emotions that create a specific pattern that has impacted your life. Once this negative pattern is discovered, we focus on the transformation of healing with positive practical solutions (homework) that allows you to learn how to rewire your brain.

Understanding in depth who you are is 50% of your healing. It gives you a better overview of which changes have to be made to become your authentic self. To give you an analogy, if you go on a road trip without a map, you will not know where you are heading and not know how to get there. The road map gives you clarity, proper direction and a fastest way towards your destination.

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Prefatory Consult

I conduct an intake session that usually lasts one hour. During this time, we discuss the issues you wish to address, and I will ask pertinent questions regarding those issues. Furthermore, I will explain the workings of my unique regression therapy approach and I will answer all of your questions pertaining to the therapy. Afterwards, you may decide intuitively if this approach appeals to you and you can opt for one session or a package offer.


Let’s Work Together