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Experiences and reviews

– a client’s story

The first meeting with Kim was an intake. She explained who she is, where she was coming from and how she works. Kim is really funny and can relax the atmosphere. I was excited and a little scared at the same time. In the beginning, I wondered if I would lose control during the meditative trance. Would I be able to decide for myself? While speaking with Kim, immediately I felt that she was the person who could help me. She felt warm, full of energy, sensitive, but also honest, clear, confronting and at the same time down to earth. I felt a connection. I trusted her. There was no way back. I really wanted to change my life, so I had to go for it.

The first session I was already able to make a connection with my deeper, inner feelings, my subconscious. Kim helped me, she navigated me through my memories and my feelings. It was the first time I was not judging myself and my feelings, instead, I started to understand my thoughts, my emotions and my behaviors.

After three sessions, I understood where my restlessness was coming from. Why I had lived my life like this? Why I had made the choices which led me to this life? Why I had been feeling so restless, anxious and unhappy? I now get compliments about my appearance, I have more confidence, more inner power and I am more me. And the most important discovery: I started to get the feeling that I could change my life.

Now, 6 months later, I am ready for my next step. The last months I have worked very hard, I have done my homework. Maybe this story sounds easy, but it has been the opposite. I have cried more than I ever did in my entire life. I have thought a thousand times that I was not able to do it. But I have never given up. I have been meditating every day. I feel closer to myself than I ever have been. I have made choices which needed to be made to make me feel more authentic and really happy. Even my loved ones are happier than they were before. When I do feel an uncomfortableness within myself, I know I have to listen to myself, to my inner voice, step out of my head and feel what is really going on.

The process has been hard work, sometimes really tough and confronting, but afterwards I am so proud of myself and grateful that I am growing towards my authentic self. A lot of times I have been thinking I was there, but then new insights have come along my path and I have to make new steps. Still growing. I am trusting myself more and believe in myself. I never thought I would get so far!

I decided to call Kim. In a few weeks, I will start new sessions.

I wish to learn more and grow further. I can do it!

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