Personality Disorder

– symptom Bi-polar/Borderline

Imagine feeling extremely happy (could be for few seconds, minutes, hours or days) and then that happiness will be replaced with complete sadness wanting to die. Your emotions behave in extremes. That’s how it feels to suffer from bi-polar. Everyone experiences it differently by it feels like a fight within ones-self.

Borderline personality disorder feels like your relationships are impossible. Your brain never stops running and your stress is magnified. It’s difficult to distinguish who you actually are. It’s like ‘chronic irrationality’. Think severe mood swings, impulsivity, instability, and a whole lot of explosive anger. It’s difficult to regulate your emotions and thoughts. You feel empty and have tendencies to self-harm.

“The wound is the place where the light enters you.”

– Rumi

My method

My method of therapy concentrates on understanding the origin of those negative thoughts and emotions. I focus on finding the negative core belief which creates the multitudes of negative thoughts that influence your behaviors. Once the core belief has been identified, we begin to transform it towards the positive.

I work at the subconscious level where all information concerning you is readily available. You hold the solutions to your healing. I navigate you through that information to find your happiness.



Better awareness of your complaints and blockages


You will receive tools for positive conversion to grow


You take care of your own healing


Find your happiness again

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