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Going through a divorce can hurt deeply. You may experience feelings of loss, sadness, anger and anxiety all at once. It feels like a non-stop roller coaster ride. There are many layers of pains and worries. It’s not uncommon for deep pain to cause depression, loss of appetite or sleep, apathy, or isolating behaviors. The challenging periods you are going through seem to alter your concept of time; like your reality will never end and rearranging your life seems almost impossible.  Everything feels disrupted.

‘If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello’.

– Paulo Coehlo

My method

My method of therapy concentrates on understanding the origin of those negative thoughts and emotions. I focus on finding the negative core belief which creates the multitudes of negative thoughts that influence your behaviors. Once the core belief has been identified, we begin to transform it towards the positive.

I work at the subconscious level where all information concerning you is readily available. You hold the solutions to your healing. I navigate you through that information to find your happiness.



Better awareness of your complaints and blockages


You will receive tools for positive conversion to grow


You take care of your own healing


Find your happiness again

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