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Anxiety feels like you can’t breathe, like your heart is beating out of your chest. It feels like you are dying. It feels like your brain is foggy and you are incapable of rational thinking. You have a million thoughts racing through your brain all at once but not able to focus. When you are anxious, you are paralyzed due to being overwhelmed by fear. You may feel dizziness, trembling, sweating, detached from reality and sometimes pain.

Just when the caterpillar thought the world was ending,
he turned into a butterfly.

My method

My method of therapy concentrates on understanding the origin of those negative thoughts and emotions. I focus on finding the negative core belief which creates the multitudes of negative thoughts that influence your behaviors. Once the core belief has been identified, we begin to transform it towards the positive.

I work at the subconscious level where all information concerning you is readily available. You hold the solutions to your healing. I navigate you through that information to find your happiness.



Better awareness of your complaints and blockages


You will receive tools for positive conversion to grow


You take care of your own healing


Find your happiness again

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