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‘Sharing is what connects us.’ – Kim

For the last 10 years, I’ve been working on unravelling and understanding how we construct reality and I figured it out!  Don’t get me wrong, there is always something new to learn within the realms of Consciousness since it contains infinite information, but I’ve done the legwork.

Now, I have a desire and passion to share what I’ve come to understand. Working with hundreds of clients, I’ve realized that we are all the same. Same same, but different. We all look into reality through our personal negative beliefs and struggle in the same ways. Our realities may be different, but our negative beliefs alter our perceptions and influence our behaviors. Once you unravel your negative thinking pattern, you can transform your life. 

My goal is to spread awareness on how to do the inner journey. The journey of self-discovery. I’ve created a map that details the construct of reality that permits you to navigate your subconscious and discover who you are. Imagine having the ability to identify and understand your deepest emotions and thoughts in order to become an aware creator of reality. 

Motivation and Inspiration

The way inwards is by experiencing it. Therefore, I engage my audience in games, humor, case studies, science and cater to a wide variety of Consciousness topics. I’m a great storyteller and can describe the language of Consciousness with daily life examples that the audience can relate to.

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    sept 2017

    Zero point breda - kim crosbie - speaker

    Zero Point

    nov 2018

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    Tomorrow People

    March 2020

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    Joining Hands

    aug 2020

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    Neepam Jain Live Limitless Summit

    sept 2020

    Speaking topics

    Regression Therapy

    While in meditative state, I guide you within your subconscious to unravel your beliefs systems to find where they originated and to transform them.

    Construct of reality

    Understanding the language of Consciousness so that you may better navigate your inward journey and create the reality you wish to experience.

    Limiting Beliefs

    Finding your negative core belief and its effects on your personal reality.

    Language of Consciousness

    Learning the different languages that Consciousness uses to interact with you. Consciousness is always speaking with you.


    Understanding the benefits of psychedelics in a therapy setting either through micro-dosing or having a psychedelic quantum leap.


    Learning to develop focus attention to better understand your thoughts, emotions and behaviors.

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