Kim Crosbie Regression Therapy Session with my team (half day)

Experience a personal regression therapy session with Kim and her team. You begin with an EEG mind scan with an explanation of your results by Marion. Afterwards, you have a yoga emotional release session with Helene and finish with a two-hour regression therapy session with me. I ensure that you have fully integrated what you have experienced.

  • Intake to discuss your struggles, by Kim Crosbie
  • Mind scan and detailed explanation, by Marion PhD
  • A yoga emotional release session focused on your body and stress, by Helene
  • An extensive regression therapy session, by Kim Crosbie
  • Personal advice and tools for your everyday life
  • Option for Micro Dosing truffles before the start of the session
  • Option for extra EEG mind scan after the session
  • Option for extra yoga on other days

Location: Den Hout, the Netherlands

  • You will discover your negative core belief and part of your negative thinking pattern.
  • You will discover your main negative emotions associated with your negative core belief.
  • You will understand more your emotional responses.
  • There is the possibility of connecting with your Guide.
  • You will experience yoga’s emotional release and begin feeling your body.
  • You will discover where your emotional blockages are located in your body.
  • You will experience more information about “who you are” by retrieving information through your heart.
  • Marion will share how your brain waves function and how trauma is lodged in your brain.
  • You have the option to experience an altered state of consciousness, in a safe and nurturing environment, with a micro-dose of psychedelic truffles. During this altered state, you will be guided into a regression to speak with your Heart.

After booking we will contact you to schedule the half-day session.