Kim Crosbie Private Spiritual Retreat

You seek happiness, clarity, and connection, but you can’t seem to get your desired results. 

You search for answers or wish to feel the multidimensionality of life but you keep:

  • Letting your negative thoughts and emotions create your reality
  • Ignoring your inner voice and coming back to the well-known old patterns
  • Disconnecting from your soul following life's hardships

Wondering how to move forward and not repeat your old patterns. KC Private Spiritual retreat is a journey to meet your authentic self so you can find your greatest potential. We don’t just facilitate a retreat.  We equip you with the tools essential to live your life to the fullest.

Knowledge - You will understand

  • Your thinking and emotional patterns
  • The concepts of dimensions (3rd, 4th, and 5th dimension of consciousness)
  • The science of brain waves, psychedelics, energy, and emotions.
  • Microdosing (optional to take home) and understanding its healing influence.

Practise - You will experience

  • Immersing yourself into your thinking patterns using a mind and body map
  • The power of intuitive yoga, breathwork, meditation, mini-regression, and visualization in becoming your observer
  • Microdosing truffle ceremony
  • Integration program, group sharing

Materials - You will take home

  • Results of your EEG scan showing your progress
  • Handout booklet (mind map and more)
  • Goody bag with personal tools that help you connect to your Higher-self

This four-day private retreat caters to the individual who wishes for a Personal and Heartfelt experience. We work with you one on one. My team and I create a nurturing environment for your personal inner journey.


You begin with a private discussion with me about the issues you wish to explore. Afterwards, my team and I create a Unique Holistic Approach that cultivates your growth towards authentic healing.

  • This four-day comprehensive and interactive private spiritual retreat caters to the individual who wishes to delve deeper into the workings of their subconscious with private personal guidance.
  • Personal discussion with Kim before the retreat to identify the issues you wish to address.
  • My team and I create a Unique Holistic Approach that nurtures your healing in a safe and private setting.
  • 4 days consecutively in a beautiful and comfortable setting environment conducive to inner exploration.
  • Private Brain scans with personal explanation by Marion PHD.
  • Private Regression therapy sessions with Kim.
  • Private yoga emotional release sessions with Helene.
  • Energy work
  • Identifying thoroughly the core negative belief, its triggers, patterns, etc.
  • Identifying negative emotions.
  • Identifying bodily sensations with trapped emotions.
  • Understanding brain function.
  • Understanding the use of psychedelic medicine plants.
  • Bodywork.
  • Breathwork.
  • Micro-dose ceremony of psychedelic truffle- or high-dose ceremony of psychedelic truffles. (At the discretion of Kim Crosbie)

With this retreat we can cater to your needs and the entire experience will take place in a private and beautiful natural environment.

Prices upon request.