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Kim Crosbie Online Program

Beliefs are thoughts we hold to be absolute truths about ourselves and they’re stored deep down within our subconscious. Negative thoughts create negative thinking patterns that sabotage our personal reality and happiness.

My goal for you during the 9 weeks online Self-Awareness Challenge is to help YOU:

  • Discover who you are
  • Begin to learn how to unravel what is your negative core belief
  • Uncover your three main negative emotions,
  • Map out significant personal negative thoughts and negative behaviors
  • Understand bodily reactions to your negative thoughts, and your triggers.

It’s important to understand what negative thoughts you have about yourself if you wish to make changes. How can you transform your negative thinking if you don’t understand it?

Today is the day you begin your journey in knowing your authentic Self!

Self-awareness is an important skill if you wish to be authentically happy. unfortunately, it is often underdeveloped. many struggle with emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.  Are you aware of how your personal beliefs shape your everyday life and reality?

This program consists of an interactive workbook and a series of 10 specially recorded videos.  

We advise you to divide the program into 9 weeks.
However, you will receive all the material in 1 go, so you can also adjust this time period as you wish. After payment, you will receive a confirmation of your purchase. This contains the download link to the workbook. You can access the various videos from the workbook.