Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion. – Rumi

Self-development is about investing time in ourselves so that we can make better decisions concerning our life. It’s a proactive state of being. You become the creator in your life and you work towards achieving your passions. If you are not self-aware how do you know what truly makes you authentically happy?

Self-reflection is a skill that can be acquired. Knowing your personal beliefs allows you to decide which ones are working for you (positive beliefs) and which aren’t (negative beliefs). It allows you to have a better focus from quantity to quality. You will feel more motivated since you are asserting from a space that makes you feel good. True fulfillment comes from accomplishing your dreams since your life is your own personal journey. 

How does self-awareness benefit you?

  • Knowing your identity.
  • Greater awareness about yourself.
  • Knowing your beliefs systems, your values.
  • Discover your talents and abilities.
  • Improving your skills.
  • Finding your true purpose.
  • Developing focus attention.
  • Developing more self-confidence.
  • Having more self-love.
  • Augmenting your self-worth.
  • Having better relationships (personal and working).

Self-awareness exercise

Curious about the level of self-awareness you hold? You can ask yourself the next questions to gain insight. 

  • When I’m triggered in my daily life, what negative emotion do I feel?
  • What three negative thoughts do I often repeat to myself?
  • What activity makes me feel freedom?
  • What type of friends do I really like?
  • Which type of moments or experiences make me feel truly happy?

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The Science of Beliefs

The Science of Beliefs

A belief is an acceptance that something exists or is true, especially one without proof. They are rooted deeply within our psyche.