‘A profound awareness of the universe that triggers feelings too deep and mysterious for words.’

Psychedelics Quantum Leap

In the Netherlands, psychedelics, like psychedelic truffles which contain psilocybin are legal and safe to ingest to experience a psychedelic experience or “trip”. A higher dose of psychedelic truffles is ingested to be able to reach the wisdom of your Inner-Self or Soul. Meeting your Divine Self and having a profound conversation about you. 


Psychedelics are an effective and safe tool to use during the therapy sessions if desired. I believe it is important for my clients to have a minimum of six therapy sessions to better understand their personal belief systems before they have a psychedelic experience. The reason for this is that it allows them to understand their fears, thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and personal reality beforehand.

Once they have the psychedelic voyage, their comprehension of the information they have received is far greater and the chances of a “unsettling voyage” is lessened. The integration process is easier and more profound. 

    Microdosing of psilocybin

    I introduced microdosing of psilocybin – the active ingredient in “magic truffles” – to some of my clients after they’ve experienced 6 to 10 therapy sessions (each session being two hours). I believe that clients should have a good grasp of the issues they are struggling with before microdosing. Becoming aware of their beliefs is an important aspect because it permits clients to be aware of their thoughts and emotions. It’s the negative beliefs that are causing issues within the clients’ personality. Once aware of those negative thoughts and emotions, they learn to transform them in a positive way.

    I’ve noticed through my years of experience as a therapist, that my clients had difficulty focusing on their new positive thoughts and tended to go back to their old established negative routines. It takes time to learn focus attention, which is the ability to concentrate on a target stimulus and in this case negative thoughts. Once clients have detected the negative thoughts, they must swap negative thoughts to positive thoughts. This is very tiring and demands consistent work since repetition is the key. It usually takes years to develop this type of attention.

    Quantum leap sessions

    After a psychedelic voyage, my clients feel they have made a quantum leap in the understanding of themselves. They feel more at ease with themselves, self-confident and able to express more freely their authentic selves. They feel more empowered in creating the reality they wish to experience and feel more self-love towards themselves. They feel closer or connected with their Soul. 

    I provide a safe environment in a relaxed and comfortable setting. Since I know my clients well before a psychedelic voyage, we take the time to discuss their intentions and the process of going within while being under the influence of psychedelic truffles. It’s important for me that the client feels safe and knows they will be well guided during their inner voyage. It permits a deeper experience when a person feels nurtured. 

    I’ve experienced several psychedelic quantum leaps and I therefore know how invaluable they are to our understanding of our personal reality. They are profoundly transformative.

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