Grow into your authentic self and start living to the fullest

Quantum Leap Retreats accompany your inner journey so you can learn to observe yourself and begin making transformations in your life.

trauma - freedom kim crosbie


Learn, identify, and transform your negative core belief with the support of EEG scans.

symptom anxiety kim crosbie therapy


Discover your unique individuality by exploring your mind, body, and spirit with yoga and breathwork.

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Explore yourself safely in an altered state of consciousness with Psychedelic “truffle” ceremony.

Quantum Leap retreats combine spirituality, science, and psychedelics.

During the retreat you will get a deeper understanding of how they are all interconnected. Learning their different spiritual languages and equipping you with efficient tools to access that information for a multidimensional healing. Our goal is for you to continue your inner journey at home.

We live in extraordinary times.

Our world is in a perpetual state of motion where our attention is mainly focused on image, outward expectations, financial and personal success, fast paced, and serving us challenges that seem insurmountable.

We often feel disconnected from ourselves, stuck, unsafe, depressed, and anxious.

Keeping the same old mindset and hoping for new results is impossible.

To transform our lives, we need to open-up to a radical change of consciousness.

I invite you to YOUR inner journey.

Your journey is unique, and your self-development is a life-long process. 

Pick the Quantum Leap Retreat that reflects your current reality.

Quantum Leap 1

Who am I? 

This two-day retreat caters to those beginning their spiritual journey and wish to learn how to go inward to finding their answers.

Quantum Leap 2

Who am I really?

This three-day retreat caters to those who have delved into their issues but wish to go deeper and create a greater relationship with their inner selves.

Quantum Leap 3

Am I multidimensional? 

This four-day retreat caters to those who wish to experience an altered state of consciousness to retrieve profound information about themselves.

I know how you feel.

I’ve suffered from severe anxiety which let to suicidal thoughts. It felt like my mind was taking total control of my life.

As a therapist, I’ve witnessed a wide range of inner struggles which brought me to understand that we humans have the inner capacity to solve them.  

The problem is that we are looking for solutions in all the wrong places, which makes us feel even more resigned, powerless and hopeless. 

The truth is that there is only one place where all the answers can be found. 

Your subconscious is a treasure trove of information where you can learn about yourself and find all the necessary tools to transform your life.

I firmly believe that inner exploration helps us find the answers we are looking for.

Join one of my retreats and start thriving multidimensionally!

“Knowing yourself authentically is a spiritual process
which takes place throughout your life”

– Kim

Are you ready to start the journey?