Grow into your authentic self and discover your story


Steps to self discovery


During this retreat you’ll learn to identify your negative core belief through interactive exercises. You’ll start unravelling your negative thinking patterns by using regression therapy technics. Most importantly, using my unique method of therapy, you’ll begin intuitively finding the answers you’ve been searching for.


Experience a comprehensive EEG brain scan which allows you to see your electrical activity (brain waves) in real time. Our EEG program allows you to witness your brain signals responding to your life. Through this brain scan, you’ll have a better understanding of your stress levels, suppressed emotions and the influence of your environment on your person.


Discover methods that help induce a meditative state to heighten your awareness inwards. Being fully present whilst looking inward allows you to become aware of your inner thoughts, bodily sensations and suppressed emotions. Activities such as breath work, yoga, and Guide work, help you navigate towards the wisdom of your Inner Self.


Explore yourself safely whilst in an altered state of consciousness under the nurturing supervision of my experienced team. Experience a micro-dose of psychedelic truffles which induces the entrance of a deeper state within your subconscious to explore profound information given by your Greater Identity.

Nothing is separate, everything is interconnected as One

During the Kim Crosbie Spiritual Retreat, you will get a deeper understanding of how your mind, Body, and Greater Identity (Soul) are interconnected. Understanding their spiritual languages and equipping you with efficient tools to access information for a multidimensional healing. Combining spirituality, science, and psychedelics.

We live in extraordinary times.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. – Albert Einstein

To transform our lives, we need to open-up to a radical change of consciousness.

Your spiritual journey is unique!

Choose the Kim Crosbie Retreat that intuitively resonates with you.

Quantum Leap 1

Who am I? 

This two-day retreat caters to those beginning their spiritual journey and wish to learn how to go inward to finding their answers.

Quantum Leap 2

Who am I really?

This three-day retreat caters to those who have delved into their issues but wish to go deeper and create a greater relationship with their inner selves.

Quantum Leap 3

Am I multidimensional? 

This four-day retreat caters to those who wish to experience an altered state of consciousness to retrieve profound information about themselves.

“Everything in the Universe in within you. Ask all from yourself.” 

– Rumi

I know how you feel.


Your subconscious is a treasure trove of information where you can learn about yourself and find all the necessary tools to transform your life.

“Knowing yourself authentically is a spiritual process
which takes place throughout your life”

– Kim

Are you ready to start the journey?