Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

Is this line of therapy suitable for everybody?

Yes, becoming self-aware is a life-long journey which benefits every one’s life.

I don’t have an unsettling issue, is this trajectory still suitable for me?

Yes, self-awareness is a personal journey. You don’t have to have an unsettling issue to get to know yourself better at the subconscious level. It’s a self-exploration at a deeper depth.

Is it possible to find my passion?

Yes, by exploring who you are and becoming more self-aware you can discover what you truly enjoy doing.


I’ve tried other therapists before, what do you do differently?

I work at the subconscious level where 95% of your reality is determined from. I navigate you to find the answers you are seeking within your subconscious or inner self. This type of therapy bypasses the conscious mind to get to the core of your issue to unravel your hidden negative beliefs which are causing you problems in your life.


I tend to self-sabotage, how can you help me with this?

If you are prone to self-sabotage, which is a defence mechanism, I will navigate you into your subconscious to better understand the reasons you are doing this behaviour and learn how to transform it.

I’m not sure what’s really bugging me, will you be able to find out?

Yes, and it’s good that you are aware that you are feeling restlessness or discomfort. Becoming self-aware will allow you to better understand what is troubling you.

I have friends/family who are also interested in your work, can we have a group meeting?

Yes, I’m always available to share my work with others and answer any questions they may have. I’m passionate about my work and enjoy engaging with others.

I find it hard to express my feelings, and at times I’m not sure what I’m feeling. Can you help me?

Yes, I will navigate you in discovering which emotions you are feeling and how to perceive them better.

Are the costs covered by Dutch insurances?

No, because my diplomas and certifications are from abroad; therefore Dutch companies do not cover these costs since 2019.

How do I pay you?

You can either pay cash or transfer the money once the invoice has been sent by email. You have seven (7) days to pay the full amount of the sessions you have chosen.

Where can I park?

You can park your car in my driveway.

I’m self-employed therefore is self-development coaching tax deductible?

Yes, most of the time it is. Please check with your own tax consultant.

My English is not so good, can you still assist me?

I have a basic Dutch knowledge. I do understand the context of a conversation, but the client must also have a basic English knowledge so that we can communicate better during the session.

How can I prepare myself for a session?

There is no need to prepare for a session. Your subconscious is fully aware of the information you need to address during the session. I let your subconscious decide which issue it wishes to address first.

While in a trans-state, will I know and remember what I have said?

Yes, a trance state is simply a relaxed state of mind. You are fully aware of what you are saying and can easily get up if you wish to do so. During the session, I write everything you are saying and will email you a full written report. You are also free to record the session if you wish to do so.

Do I have to go to a past life in a session?

No, not all clients experience a past life. Your subconscious knows which direction to take in order for you to better understand yourself.

What happens immediately after a session?

After a session, we discuss the session for you to better integrate the information you have experienced. I answer all of your questions while having a cup of coffee.

I have a busy life how do I integrate the homework?

The homework is chosen by you during the session. Your subconscious (or inner self) gives you intuitive advice on certain activities that you already enjoy doing. You must simply learn to integrate them more often. Usually the homework is about learning to relax more in your daily life in order to relax your conscious mind.

It’s quite an investment, I’m still contemplating about investing in this type of therapy.

I understand that it’s an investment. Becoming self-aware allows you to feel authentically happier in your life. You are worth that investment!

How many sessions do I need?

The total of sessions is up to you. Each individual is unique, and their issues are also unique. You will intuitively know how many sessions are needed to resolve your problems. When you begin feeling happier in your life, you’ll know you no longer require my therapy. Self-awareness is a lifelong journey, but you will now have the skills to self-explore yourself after you experience these sessions.

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