Equine-assisted & outdoor therapy

Equine or horse-assisted therapy encompasses a range of treatments with horses to promote physical and mental health. Horses are very perceptive animals. They allow us to observe ourselves in different environments, like a mirror, to better understand our behaviors, emotions, and thoughts.

The outdoor setting is pure relaxation, permitting the brain to “let go” and the Heart to intuitively speak for better clarity in your life.

Private equine therapy session – 100Euros/90mins.

Join me in a natural outdoor setting for a private session with Paintball and begin your transformative journey.

The horse becomes your mirror until you are your own observer.

Private self-reflecting walk and talk – 50Euros/60 mins.

Walk with me, in a beautiful outdoor environment to relax your mind, and gain useful insights and connection.

If the weather is too uncomfortable, a gorgeous garden house will be your nature setting.

Develop self-inquiry in a relaxing and natural setting.

For questions please contact Lindy Fortunati +31611030505

Lindy Fortunati - team kim crosbie - equine therapy