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 Your heart is the size of an ocean. Go find yourself in its hidden depths.


My beautiful dysfunctional life. 

What we think of our dysfunctional life is our normal. I don’t believe in the word normal anymore because how do you quantify “normal”. I think the word sets us up for disappointments and distorted expectations. I would say that my life has a been a colorful mix of beautiful dysfunctions. Of course, at the time I was going through these difficult events in my life, I felt anxious, sad and angry but now looking back, those experiences have shaped the person who I am today.


    Throughout my life, I’ve experienced the tumultuous divorce of my parents, the Jehovah Witness sect and being shunned at 17 years old, insomnia, severe anxiety, OCD, a blended family and suicidal thoughts. In my early 40’s, I realized that I couldn’t continue living miserably. I felt completely frozen by fear. I decided to think outside of the box of conventional therapy and gave myself six months to research and understand how my beliefs shaped my reality and if it didn’t work, I was ending my life. Those few months completely changed my life. It has been an incredible journey! The process of self-discovery was challenging but also amazing. 

    My inward journey has been the most rewarding gift to myself. I understood that my negative beliefs were causing my fears and issues in my life. I learned to transform them because I understood that my beliefs were choices. I gradually altered my negative perceptions about myself and replace them with positive beliefs. 

    I’ve finally arrived in feeling authentically happy. Experiencing self-love and contentment within my being. Appreciating who I am and living my passion which is guiding others through this amazing journey of self-discovery. I believe everyone deserve to love themselves and be the creator of their life.


    “Knowing yourself authentically is a spiritual process which takes place throughout your life”

     – Kim

    Kim Crosbie
    Bac. Edu, D. Hyp, RT Dip

    My Practice


    Therapy services

    I will guide you in seeking your hidden negative core belief which has generated a multitude of specific negative thoughts and emotions created by past experiences.

    Personal Unique Approach

    I have developed a unique method of therapy that comprehensively explores the psyche.


    Retreats & Workshops

    I’ve developed retreats and workshops for those who wish to take time out to begin learning how to do the inner journey. 

    My Team

    Lindy Fortunati is my wing woman. She is a magnificent networker and loves to connect with people. She has a natural talent in engaging people and thrives in social environments. She manages all the logistics surrounding my practice. Since I am often occupied with clients, workshops or speaking engagements, Lindy is usually the first-person who communicates with potential clients and arranges my schedule. She is the best person to contact when wanting to reach me.



    “Working closely together with Kim is fun, extremely interesting and sometimes challenging, let’s say “there’s never a dull moment”. I have worked in several commercial companies before – and still was doing so when I met Kim. Being curious, but also sceptic about her therapy I personally experienced it. My new insights have changed my life for the better. Her pertinent questions just knock me off my feet. My gut feeling was -and is- that everyone should experience Kim’s approach if they wish to transform their lives. I believe in her so much that I accepted to work with her to help skyrocket her therapy. I truly love my job! I have found my authentic passion and I am really happy with our collaboration.

    I started to work towards the platform she deserves. I think everyone should hear her speak. I take pleasure in starting up a completely different business that I was used to and working with a very talkative “product”. When I am not busy enjoying social and business occasions, discussing new ideas with Kim, connecting online or travelling with Kim, I’d love to laugh, talk and be with my family and friends, take my golden retriever for a long walk or sit and watch Netflix.” 

    Lindy Fortunati

    Our Passion

    To guide people in discovering their authentic selves to feel
    happy, empowered and passionate about their life.

    Let’s Work Together