Testimonial for Kim Crosbie:

Right from the very moment I (a man 36 years of age) enter Kim’s practice I feel at ease and very welcome. Previous to that I had felt particularly excited and curious, but also nervous. At last I was to move forward and dive into a deeper-lying feeling and subject matter. I had brought my partner along; no problem at all. It felt like a good idea, so he too could place his own interpretation on the therapy sessions with Kim. Kim advised me that it would be best to have 3 sessions with her in order that the deeper-lying issues could be clarified and dealt with at once. Naturally I followed her advice. And I can only say I am very happy I did. Thanks to Kim’s support my world view has changed significantly, but more specifically so has my consciousness. I was allowed to view several past lives as a result of which deeper-lying patterns of my present life became apparent. The therapy does not change the problems, but it changes my own awareness about them. What I considered as extraordinary was the fact that the viewed and experienced past lives were so intense (in my case). Nevertheless it is through this intenseness that the individual leitmotiv becomes clear more quickly. I learned a great deal as to how you are able to change these different lives yourself, which subsequently changes your experience in the present. Kim is also a terrific help in explaining why specifically these past lives show up. I have experienced that Kim not only takes all the time needed for yourself, but also for your partner observing the sessions.

I can recommend anyone to improve oneself this way and to investigate deeper-lying subjects and deal with them. Within a short period of time I have come to feel more peaceful within myself and more self-confident. I don’t fuss as much as I used to over (major) incidents in life, but consider them more to be a challenge! I am very grateful to you Kim!

John, The Netherlands 2016

Going into regression therapy has changed my life for sure.

I have had 3 sessions with Kim, all very intense and definitely worth it. Before I started with regression therapy I had this inner sentences which would show up and of which I was not sure where they came from. I thought that they were coming from my mind but during therapy when my mind was silenced the same sentences were still there! That was the proof for me that my soul was speaking. And I never listened properly because I had difficulties to see this as my inner guiding and to trust in it.

When you go into regression therapy you get into a meditation state, the mind is silenced and for me all kind of scenes and sentences came up. I saw myself in different past lives and understood the significance from them for my current life problems. What surprised me the most is that time is non existent when you are in the subconscious. I spent more than 1,5 hours in the meditation state but if someone had told me it were 20 minutes, I would have believed that too.

Another thing which impressed me is that you actually can remember everything which you said during the session, it’s not that Kim tells you something you can’t remember.

Kim operates as a guide during the session. She stays in control all the time, is firm when she has to be and has very encouraging energy. When I was confronted with blocks within myself she managed to get me through and get me to the place which I needed to see for my current issues.

What really blew me away was seeing and feeling my soul purpose. The thing I need to do to be of service to the world. Before doing the sessions with Kim I would have had ideas about my soul purpose every now and then but got insecure by the time I had to get more specific or to come in action.

Now, after the sessions something tremendous has changed. For the first time in my life I don’t question what I need to do. I just get started and trust in the process. I am sure, that everything will unfold in divine timing. I am taking little steps towards my soul purpose and I am truly grateful for the flow I am experiencing. My creativity is having a boost and I am provided with more ideas with regards to my soul purpose on almost a daily basis.

For sure this will rise trusting myself even more and once I have gained more strength, I will be able to tackle other issues as well. I feel a caterpillar which needs to strengthen before breaking free and becoming a butterfly.

Kim has travelled with me for a little while on my journey which isn’t easy. All beginnings are difficult and she gave me comfort by helping me cleaning up old energetic shit. I am grateful that I took part in the experience of regression therapy.

Fleur, The Netherlands 2016

My experience of Past-Life Regression Therapy with Kim Crosbie

Kim Crosbie is for me an inspiring and empowering therapist. The sessions that I have had with Kim have allowed me to connect more strongly to my guidance and to myself. I have a stronger sense of self-confidence as a direct result of my sessions with Kim. Thanks to Kim’s ability to listen and Kim’s nature to bring things together to a point, we quickly came to the core of the issues that I was dealing with. I appreciated Kim’s focus to go right at the core of the issues, without distractions. I am to this day stunned of how fast we could resolve core issues in this therapy.

Kim is a person who motivates you to take the power back into your life. I could feel empowered of my own life and my own situation each time a session ended. Kim amazed me with her knowledge of how consciousness works, and how advanced her perception is. When I was starting to look into past-life therapy, I was looking for a therapist who understands the multi-dimensional reality of ourselves and the workings of all-there-is, this person I found in Kim.

How I experienced past-life regression therapy sessions

How I experienced the sessions is that you go into a state of meditation where questions can be answered. We are part of the multidimensional-self, who wants to grow, to be healed, to make us aware of certain things. So during therapy, these aspects of yourself will serve you what you need to see in order to resolve the topics you chose. What I saw and from what I needed to learn came during the sessions in shape of images, metaphors, or entire stories. These could come from past-lifes, or come from other layers of our consciousness. It does not matter in the process, and it does not matter so much for me personally.
When we understand the meaning or the entire context of the images and stories through the help of a therapist, we gain insight into ourselves, or into our issues from a new perspective. However the images or stories we watch and experience during therapy are not static. And changing these into a more positive outcome changes something in that course directly for ourselves as well. I could experience this directly, by feeling differently regarding a certain outcome against another. The energy of the story and within me, emotions, and thoughts change as a result. We alter the stories within us and simultaneously alter how we see life. Being that we are the direct creators of our lives, our perception of reality is creating the reality we live in, when we alter something so deeply within us for the positive we better our experience of life. I am glad that I could witness this directly in my own life, and I am very glad that Kim Crosbie helped me to do it.

– Jan – The Netherlands

All my life I searched for the purpose of life. I had a very choleric father and a submissive mother. The aftermaths of the family situation caused me emotional disturbances. I got married at the age of 24, had two children, a boy and a girl; then, I went through a divorce after 8 years of marriage. I followed difference kinds of therapy and joined a religious group. I became physically ill by the age of 36 and met my husband of now. Even though I thought I was happily married, I still was not happy with myself. I was still searching for the “truth”. I have had fibromyalgia for over 25 years. After having done hypnosis with Kim, I found out why I was ill and the emotions attached to the illness. The fibromyalgia disappeared. The technique that Kim uses is unique and efficient. She gave me tools to use in my daily life to recognize the way I think and why I think about certain things. It is my responsibility now if I wish to be happy and healthy. Thank you Kim.

– Nicole (Canada)

Kim applies a surprising concept which really helped me, despite my skepticism as a result of former less successful therapies.

She has managed to gain my confidence (!), because apart from being friendly, open-minded I also find her decisive and in possession of a very agreeable energy. I became willing to take her word for things……. Kim had to adapt her technique somewhat to my specific  needs, instead of the other way round. 😉 Which shows her resourcefulness and result-oriented intentions.

To bring me in a state of hypnosis seemed out of reach to me, but she creatively managed to lead me back to my negative core belief, more deeply rooted than I realized. Hereafter we changed it into a positive sentence, which I had to really learn to own before it could become part of my system. This mantra is now my best friend in times when I feel vulnerable to mental distress. It didn’t take all that many sessions. Now I possess a useful tool for the rest of my life!

Thanks Kim!

– Beatrijce, The Netherlands

Working with Kim and experiencing regression therapy has changed my life. Coming from a very difficult divorce, cancer, deep depression and two suicide attempts, I was able to release my pain and heal my core negative belief.  I feel so empowered now and I have so much joy in my heart. My connection with my inner Self and Source are the most important relationships in my life.”

– Dymphie, the Netherlands

In 2014 I did my first regression session with Kim, just out of curiosity. In the regressions led by her, Kim creates a safe environment and guides you to, yes, where to? Is it a past life? Is it your sub consciousness? I don’t know, but in the end that doesn’t matter. I do know for sure however, that these sessions have enormous value in getting to know yourself, in self-reflection and in discovering dark corners of yourself that you are not even aware they exist. Funnily enough even years later I can still go back to my ‘other lives’, visit them in thought and look at the decisions I made then and compare them to what I’m doing now. The memory is very vivid, much stronger than a dream. I can even recall faces, some of them familiar, some not.

I can compare Kim’s regression work with the many self-help management courses I’ve been doing and I think I can safely say that in sheer efficiency regression beats the rest: the amount of information you get out of one session that is relevant for today’s life, work and functioning is just overwhelming. I would recommend this to anyone, certainly not only people with trauma or with a strong believe in past lives.

– G., The Netherlands

Some years ago, during a traumatic (divorce)experience I was introduced to Kim. Having lost all my bearings, I felt confused and hostile towards my intuition.  With Kim’s insights in belief systems she goes right to the core of the matter. During these past years – and even today – we meet regularly and I feel the benefits of a new perspective on life. I dare trust again that I can build a life and career based on my passions. If you can change your mind, you can change your life no matter what the outside world looks like, or tells you.

– Carolien, the Netherlands

Before coming to Kim I had never experienced regression. So I had no idea what to expect. At the same time you can never prepare for this in the first place, it is best to go with flow.

Kim does an excellent job in preparing you for the session. And especially during the journey she is there by your side helping and guiding the whole process.

Kim’s approach really appeals to me. She explains everything in detail. And also afterwards she goes over all the parts that need to be talked about. It has really helped me going forward and understanding certain issues in my life. I would advice anyone go for it and find out for yourself. Kim will be your excellent guide.

– Marieke,  The Netherlands

This year I visited Kim for regression therapy, which brought me a lot. She radiates confidence and calmness, and guides you in a very subtle way.

My issue was not being able to connect properly with my emotions. I wanted to change that and I succeeded. Kim made me experience where it originated from and why. I have seen and experienced what my lessons are and also what not to fuss about.

During the sessions even more surfaced, unrelated to the issue, but equally important in my life. I have gained much wisdom and insight. Your problems won’t be solved for you, naturally it’s up to you to get to work afterwards. But Kim guides you through in a comforting way. To me a top-class experience.

– Inge, The Netherlands

My name is Anita and for more than 10 years now I have been a holistic massage therapist in Oosterhout, with my own practice called “Zenssage”. Being in touch with my inner feelings is very familiar to me. I see my everyday-life as a challenge and a positive learning-curve. However painful life may be, or unfair it may seem. I don’t mind confessing that one of my recurring issues is “letting go”. Recently, after 35 years, I broke up with my first love, my husband. Which brought me once again so deep within my pain, that I wanted to investigate. I had known Kim for a while now and she suggested to do a regression session with her, in order to feel even more deeply; maybe even see a past live and find out why “letting go” is such a painful issue for me. I decided to go into therapy. Kim is a very special person, generous and warm; she set my mind at ease and made me feel relaxed so I could undergo this process together with her. She related completely and it felt as if she stepped into my life and my past and made the journey along with me into the unknown, all while I was under hypnosis. Curious as I am, I even travelled up to a point in time just before my birth, guided by Kim’s questions and in the relaxed state of hypnosis. Then and there I got the answers to my questions. Why “letting go” is so painful and what it teaches me. Now that I know the why, I can relate more easily and with humor (which works like a kind of medicine for me). Of course this issue will pop up again from time to time, haha it’s not that simple, regression is not a miracle cure, but I can adjust to the feelings of pain and feel safe. “Letting go” comes so much easier now, and with time should the issue come up again, I can say: “hey there you are again, welcome, I felt you, thanks for stopping by”.

– Anita, The Netherlands

I am a 64 year old woman and I have suffered from intense fear and multiple depressions throughout my life. Because I wanted to find joy and personal depth in my life, I was looking for someone who could help me and I was referred to Kim. I mentioned to her in our intake session that I wanted to understand the cause of my fears and we discussed them together. It “clicked” right a way with Kim and she gave me a safe feeling. We started the regression therapy sessions and I have experienced things that seemed impossible to me. I’ve also learned to turn negative energy (negative thoughts and emotions) into positive energy and to become stronger within myself. It felt like a gift for me to do this. I’m someone who wants to understand everything and I now know where my fears originate from. I am stronger and I feel more confident.  I am beginning to believe that I am someone and can love myself !!!!

– Mieke, The Netherlands