You are a Multidimensional Being

Metaphorically speaking, you are like a vast tree, a Tree of Life, with many branches and many, many leaves and blossoms, and your current physical existence, is just one of these leaves and one of these blossoms – Tom Kenyon

Do you believe that who you are is just a physical body, and that what we call Consciousness is simply a creation of your brain?  If so, allow me to introduce an alternative viewpoint: you are a Multidimensional Being with the ability to expand your awareness beyond time and space and communicate on a subatomic level with everything in the universe.  I call this phenomenon vibrational communication.

As a Multidimensional Being, you are primarily aware of your physical existence here on earth, but you can also become aware of your inner communicative senses – your inner vision, your inner intuitive voice, your inner knowing that are part of your Consciousness.

By actively using those senses to look and listen inwardly and practicing focused attention, you become aware of your own belief systems, thoughts, emotions, health, past lives, parallel lives, and other dimensions of existence.  You can also become intimately familiar with your Soul and the workings of Consciousness as a whole.


Developing focused attention is key

I have seen first-hand that it is possible to retrieve all the information necessary to expand your awareness and create the reality of your choice.  However, you must first develop focused attention through meditation.

What do you get out of this?

By developing focused attention :-

  • you allow your inner communicative senses to stream information through to your conscious mind
  • you can utilise this information to gain a better understanding of reality
  • you consciously create your life.

Focused attention helps you learn to orient your thoughts and emotions towards a positive core image of yourself.  When you do this, you become better able to act spontaneously, because you are now in tune with the process and energy of creation.  Positive thoughts and positive emotions naturally come to the foreground, and your reality will reflect the inner positive dynamic that you have set up.


Become a conscious co-creator

I like to use the analogy of Russian nesting dolls to illustrate the relationship we each have to Source. Imagine that the biggest doll is Source, and all the other dolls are creations nestled within it.  Each creation is made in the image of Source, just as each small Russian doll is in every other way the same as the largest.

What does this mean for you and I?  It means that each creation – each being – has the same Multidimensional capabilities that Source has, and carries the essence of Source like a fingerprint within it. We beings also have free will to determine the direction of our development, rendering each of us unique in our own right.  Ironically it is free will that creates the illusion of separation, but Source creates this illusion in order to have a way to know itself.

So here we are – now what?


It’s not about perfection

It is up to you to develop your inner communicative senses, and doing so provides you with extra inner information that can help you create a more joyful experience.

Every human being on the planet is a projection of a Soul – a personality – having a unique experience within the matrix of Source.  We’ve all chosen to come here in order to explore a physical world of duality, which acts as a feedback system to help us learn – or rather, remember – who we truly are.

Now here’s the good news: perfection was never the intention for this reality.  That’s right: it is not about being perfect!

Indeed, ultimately there is no such thing as perfection or imperfection.  Rather, this reality was created in order to help us become aware of what we do and don’t want within ourselves, through the contrast between our positive and negative thoughts and the experiences they create. We are here to learn to become responsible creators of reality.


The key to transformation

As we become aware of this inner dynamic, we learn how to focus our attention towards positive creation, which leads to greater happiness.  Negative thoughts can only create a negative reality. When your reality is negative, it tells you that all personalities participating within it have attracted it to themselves at some level, since reality’s purpose is to reflect our core beliefs back to us.

This is actually very good news.

And the reason is very simple. It means that reality can and will change to the degree that each of us is willing to take responsibility for our own inner landscape.

And the best way to do that is to discover your personal core beliefs and learn how to authentically love yourself.

So what does this look like?


Changing your negative core belief allows good to come in

We all acquire both positive and negative beliefs throughout our lives, but it is your negative core belief that most needs to be transformed.  This belief is the foundation of all the negative thought patterns you have, and it therefore influences all areas of your life.  For most of us, the core negative belief relates in some way to a sense of lack or unworthiness within the Self, and it can feel overwhelming to address it.

Just remember that this belief is not who you are at your core. It may help to think of the growth process as being akin to slowly peeling away the layers of an onion.  You can and will uncover your true Self; we all do eventually.  It is just a question of how long it takes you to do it, and becoming aware of your Multidimensional Self is the best way I know of to speed up the process.

All beliefs are choices. They can be transformed. It may just take a little more work with your negative core belief if it is well-rooted within and invisible to you.  That is, you may not currently be aware of its workings within your subconscious.

Other personalities within the same Soul may also be engaged with the same negative core belief. What is then created is an emotional energetic link that intensifies the negative core belief in the experience of all personalities in order to attract each one’s attention to necessary transformation.


Deciding to change opens the door to good

So if you have days when you feel like the world is out to get you, just remember that you are here to learn, not to be perfect.  The root of our experience is always our thoughts about what happens. Take a deep breath and ask yourself how you could change your thoughts to make room for a more favourable reality.

Just know that simply by deciding to change your attitude and by opening to a different possibility you are already allowing it in. By changing the rhythm and tilt in your Consciousness, you have already accepted the positive even though it has yet to become visible.