Emotional maturity is one of the most important components in making inward (and therefore outward) change possible.  To me, it means not fearing your emotions but learning to manage, release and understand them.  Then instead of running your life, they can regain their rightful place as tools that focus your awareness on your next step of growth.


Breaking the cycle of trauma

Our emotions draw our awareness to our key beliefs.  While they can be painful at times, this is not inevitable.  It is completely possible to alter your beliefs and break the cycle of trauma they perpetuate.

The challenge is that while our society has become very intellectually advanced, our emotional maturity has not kept pace – far from it.  Mental illness and addiction are on the rise, and too many of us self-medicate in order to soothe the painful emotions that our core negative beliefs create, because we simply are not taught another way.

For most of us then, emotional growth and healing is necessary before our core negative beliefs can be addressed effectively.  It starts with practicing focused awareness, which gives you access to your Multidimensional Self.


The answers are found within

On the path of growth, looking outward will not give you answers.  Furthermore, responding to negativity with negativity will only perpetuate the cycle of violence. Reality only reflects back to us what we are thinking and feeling subconsciously.  If we are to create change in ourselves and our world, we must begin by looking inward to our Multidimensional Self, for it is there we will find the answers we seek.

Everything has Consciousness, even if we do not recognise it: our earth and all its life forms are energetic entities just like us, but we dismiss them all too easily.  In order to stop the chaos that is happening in our world today, we must first stop it within ourselves. We must focus our attention on finding and healing our core negative belief, and transforming it to a positive belief.  When our thoughts and beliefs are coherent with positivity, then and only then will our reality will reflect that energy abundantly.

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