Have you ever heard it said that you are who you believe yourself to be?

What if I told you that I can help you learn to create a more fulfilling, inspired and adventurous life in every way?

What if I said that the way to a dynamic, meaningful and abundant life is by unlocking who you are?

Claiming the shadows, which you are afraid of but which control you anyway, and also claiming your power and your strength, which many of you shy away from?

Would you give it a try?


What does Multidimensional mean

I have discovered through my work as a Regression Therapist that we human beings are composed of many dimensional aspects – in other words, you are ‘Multidimensional.’  What this means is that you possess subtle inner senses in addition to your five physical senses.  These inner senses make up part of what I call your “Multidimensional Self,” and they are a vast untapped resource with the potential to completely transform your life once you learn how to access them.

Why use the word Multidimensional?  Your inner senses go beyond time and space, and can therefore retrieve vital information about your personal reality that you would ordinarily not have access to.  They uncover energy patterns that you have put in place to make up your life, thought forms that continue until they are identified and dissipated and replaced.

One inner sense that you may already be familiar with is intuition.   We each have access to intuition and can polish this natural ability to aid us in our daily lives.

If you believe intuition is for others but not for you, let me ask you the following:

  • Have you ever had a hunch or inkling about something, only to find that the outcome would have been better had you followed your intuitive urge?
  • Did you ever find yourself thinking about someone, only to receive a phone call or email from the person soon after?
  • Have you sensed a little prickling around the back of your neck, as if someone is looking at you even if this person is not in your direct line of vision?

These are some of the common ways that intuition shows up in our lives.  The power of intuition and the other subtle senses live in the subconscious mind – you have only to learn how to access them.

According to scientists, 95% of your behaviour is controlled by the subconscious mind, meaning that most of your decisions are made there rather than in your conscious mind.  Furthermore, a phenomenon called “entanglement” demonstrates that sub-atomic particles can instantly communicate with each other over great distances despite not being physically connected in any way.  Whatever happens to one particle affects the other instantaneously because they are “entangled” regardless of the distance between.

How is this relevant to your Multidimensional Self?  If you believe, as I do, that we are not our physical bodies but energetic beings, it means that we also communicate at the sub-atomic level or better yet at the Multidimensional level. In this way, we communicate energetically with all of reality, all of the time.

In this way, the Law of Attraction is constantly at work in our lives at the quantum level. What we focus on, we create in our lives. For example, when you focus on abundance, you may synchronistically meet someone who will open doors to opportunities for you in a totally unexpected way. It could be a random encounter or you just so happen glance at that newspaper article that points you in the right direction. But such possibilities do not take place by chance; they happen from a choice you have made, consciously or unconsciously, and the universal energies arrange to make it happen for you.

Since you create your life with every choice you make, large or small, it follows that one of the most powerful things you can do to change your life is to change your subconscious mind.

But how would you do this when it is beyond your conscious awareness by definition?


Enhancing access to your subconscious

Scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences have found that decisions are made by your subconscious mind a full seven seconds before your conscious mind becomes aware of them.

The trick, then, is to become aware of the choices that your subconscious mind is already making and consciously act on them, instead of acting automatically.  To do that, you must learn to consciously retrieve and accurately interpret the information your subconscious perceives before your conscious mind kicks in.

Your Multidimensional Self reads the energetic vibrations of your environment, which interacts with your inner belief system, which in turn influences the choices you make to create your life experience.

I have developed a method that opens the pathways to the subconscious or your Multidimensional Self for the purpose of retrieving the layers of information that only it has access to.

Through this method, I can teach you how to utilise your inner senses to perceive your reality more accurately, to see through illusion and to create a happier life.  For now, you can find a more detailed discussion here.