Do you believe in reincarnation?

When people tell me that they don’t, I can’t help thinking it’s like saying you don’t believe in gravity.

My experiences as a Regression Therapist have shown me conclusively that our Souls evolve in infinite ways, along infinite timelines.  Reincarnation is a method that your Soul utilises to explore itself; it allows you to experience life as different personalities for the purpose of learning.

If you do not believe in reincarnation, I invite you to view the video I link to at the end of this blog, and others like it.  Many of them include interviews not only with children who remember past lives and their families, but also with Dr. Jim Tucker of the University of Virginia, who has been researching such cases for over 15 years.  He points out that the phenomenon of children remembering past lives with remarkable detail happens regardless of whether the culture they are born into ‘believes’ in reincarnation or not.

What’s more, the children’s descriptions can often be verified through historical research that confirms details that neither they nor their families could otherwise have had any knowledge of.  If I hadn’t experienced the truth of reincarnation myself, that would be enough to convince me.


The Soul’s journey into wholeness

The personality is a projection of the Soul that allows it to experience the feeling of a true inner Self within physical reality.  Personalities enter a given reality with a set of character traits and belief systems chosen with the intent to accomplish a purpose.  That purpose is to become a responsible creator using your thoughts and emotions, which you accomplish by looking inward to know yourself.

In other words, you enter the physical realm in an attempt to discover all aspects of your Multidimensional Self, using the entire network of your physical and subtle senses.  You do so with no limits other than the ones set by your own belief system.

You enter a particular time frame, culture and set of beliefs to facilitate the learning that your Soul has chosen to experience.  To fulfil your purpose, you must realise that your thoughts and emotions are your tools for creation, and that the reality before you is simply a reflection of yourself. The “Law of Attraction” acts as a feedback system to help you along on this task.

As your Soul’s many personalities explore themselves within different realities, your Soul integrates all of their experiences simultaneously.  Thus the Soul can best be described with a paradox, in which even as all personalities are part of the Soul, they are also unique and ever developing.

When you begin to journey inward, you discover your inner senses, which offer direct pathways of communication to the Soul.  The interchange between your Soul and your personality enhances the development of greater awareness about your reality and its Multidimensional nature.

When a personality reincarnates, it holds within its field all the information from all reincarnations and Multidimensional information regarding itself and its Soul.


Open your mind to wholeness

The video below demonstrates how memory goes beyond time and space.  As you watch it, open your mind. Be receptive to the idea that the lifetime you are experiencing now is only one of many that your Soul is having – you are just more focused where you are currently than you are on the others. It may be difficult to grasp at first.  However, by opening your mind, you pave the way to a greater sense of wholeness. By accepting and integrating those timelines that remain unresolved in some way into present time, you will have a much greater, richer and a more dynamic life in the now.

Visual: Youtube video of 3 year old boy remembering his past lives