If you really want to see lasting change in your life, you must address your core negative belief.  By definition, beliefs are thoughts that we choose to think over and over again, whether consciously or unconsciously.  They communicate to your reality, creating in it a reflection of what you believe.


Thought, emotion and belief

Thoughts have a layered structure.  That is, while your superficial, everyday thoughts are the most visible, there are other powerful thoughts in the background that are just as active; this is where your beliefs reside.  Emotions act as fuel for your thoughts and determine the intensity of them.

Thoughts and emotions create your reality by dictating your choices and behaviours.  Therefore, your ability to transform your life depends on your ability to become aware of them and change the ones you are not content with.


Get your ego on board

In order to change your thoughts, emotions and beliefs, you must journey into your Multidimensional Self to become deeply aware of your thought structures.  You must first realise those processes intellectually, then emotionally.

Your ego’s purpose is to maintain your personality’s belief system, enabling you to function within physical reality. More often than not however, the ego is too rigid to accept change easily, even positive change.  You must therefore train your ego to relax and adapt to new thoughts and beliefs, a process that takes time.


Imagination is key

Imagination is vital to your ability to alter your beliefs, because you must imagine what you wish to become.  You must be able to imagine how the reality that you wish to create feels, in order to create it.  In this way, you create a projection and animate it with your emotions as if it’s happening in the present.

Remembering your childhood will give you a sense of how animated your imagination can be.  As a child, you were totally immersed in your imaginative roles.  Your thoughts were totally focused, and you truly believed you were what you pretended to be.  This is where you want to be.


The first step is awareness

To create a new reality, you must project in the same way and with the same intensity that you did when you played as a child.  To do that however, you must address your core negative belief since it holds the strongest vibrational pattern in your field.

To change a core negative belief, the first step is to become aware of it.  Once you do this, you may begin to alter it by becoming aware of your patterns of thought and emotion in your daily life.  Triggers can pinpoint core beliefs as well, for when you are triggered emotionally this is a sign that one of your beliefs has been activated.


Accept, allow, and transform

When you begin this inner journey, the key is to take responsibility for your reality as fully as possible.  You must accept what you have created, with the new understanding that your core belief is not true, and can therefore be changed.  It is your responsibility to activate this process, and there are many resources to help you with it.  You can read more about beliefs and how to change them in this in-depth article.