The Multidimensional Self is a fundamental aspect of ourself that incorporates powerful inner senses. These inner senses are communicative pathways to broader information contained in what we often call our “subconscious”.  Our intuition stems from this area and these communicative pathways can be greatly expanded to retrieve vital information about our personal reality and its intricacies.


Our Multidimensional Self

Welcome to the discovery of your Multidimensional Self! Each and every one of us is “Multidimensional” and what this means is that we possess more inner communicative senses, other than our five physical senses such as touch, hearing, smelling, seeing and tasting.

Those inner communicative senses lay in our subconscious or what I prefer to call our “Multidimensional Self”.

kim crosby being one

Regression Therapy

Regression therapy is a technique which uses hypnosis to recover information within the multidimensional part of ourselves (subconscious).  Hypnosis silences the mind for the purpose of enterring into those inner communicative pathways.

It permits to find an array of information from past lives, to our core belief systems (thoughts and emotions), to the psyche’s symbolisms about its reality, to healing, etc.

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I’m happy to announce that I will be speaking at the World Congress of Regression therapy. The congress will focus on how regression can release the potential we all have to be more creative in the widest sense of the word:

  • arts
  • entrepreneurship
  • devising new solutions
  • taking new initiatives,
  • establishing new relationships
  • thinking new thoughts.

I will be speaking at the Congress in India on the subject of Beliefs, The Multidimensional Self and the Creation of Reality

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